Well, I am not very good at writing about myself but what the hell I'll give it a shot. I was born on October 31st...yup, a Halloween baby! which I have to admit was pretty cool growing up. Born in Sellersville Pennsylvania ended up growing up in Soudertn, PA then moved to Perkasie, PA when I was a teenager. Graduated from Pennridge High School in 1991. So many of you always email and ask what made me get into the erotic/softcore industry....well, here ya go, ever since I was a young child I have been an artist, performer and dramatic, in other words intensely passionate and yes, I still am. I believe that anyone close to me will tell you I have always followed my goals, felt comfortable with who I am and believe in choosing my own destinity. When I started in Los Angeles it was tough everybody wants to be a "movie star", many are quite shallow and it's hard to not get lost going after your goals. This is where I believe that growing up outside of Philadelphia and spending time there gave me an edge so to speak...to not be afraid of going after what I want and be true to who I am. The only thing I wanted to do was make movies in Hollywood and support myself doing it. So, when i was given the opportunity to go the erotic route I took it. The erotic/softcore genre has been good to me. Do people in Hollywood judge me for it and feel they can't cast me in a "mainstream" films...probably. It's sad, some great talent has been overlooked due to that attitude. Realizing that my "mainstream" opportunities may have been limited because of my softcore films I have grown into a stronger actress, Producer, Site owner, Blogger, Webmaster and a savvy Entrepreneur. I am grateful everyday for this amazing journey I have been given and always look forward to what each day brings!

I hope that helped you get to know me a little better on a personal level :)

Beverly Lynne
Featured Story...SIS! BOOM! BARE! How a former NFL Cheerleader became "The Queen of Late Nite"

Some of my websites:
BackUp Plan Productions
Beverly Lynne Forum
Beverly Lynne Adult Mega Store

Sites I have designed and webmaster
Kelli McCarty
Monique Parent

Fun Facts about me:

* What was your dream growing up?  To be a rock star.

* During the 1998-1999 and 1999-2000 football seasons I was a NFL Cheerleader for the Philadelphia Eagles. Yes, Philly fans are as crazy as you’ve heard!

*I love cooking and I have to admit I am  pretty damn good at it! One of my favorite dishes to make is Pineapple Stuffing, it's always a hit.

*Animals are very important and special to me. My home is a little crazy, (ok,  a lot crazy)  4 cats and 2 ferrets most are rescues. They bring so much joy and comfort into my life.

*I enjoy traveling. Some of the places I have been almost every state, Italy, Slovenia, Philippines, Japan, Aruba, Bahamas, Jamaica, and Mexico.

* What talent do you wish you had?  Writing...I hope to publish a novel one day.

* If I bought you a drink what would it be?  Pinot Noir

* Favorite Vegetable?  Asparagus

* Worst habit?  Coffee

* In one word, how would you describe yourself?  Intense

* Biggest pet peeve?  Rude people.

* Do you swear a lot?  When I am really angry I do become a bit of a sailor.

* Do you believe in ghosts?  I believe that there are some restless souls out there that have lost there way.

* Favorite thing to do in your spare time?  Being with my family and friends.

* Bottle or Draft?  I don't drink beer.

* If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?  Well this is a bit difficult...I would have to say my boobs.

* Do you think clowns are cute or scary?  Clowns are just disturbing.  I'm not afraid of them but I do feel uncomfortable around them.

* Tell me one weird fact about you...I am obsessive about germs.